Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Legendary Walk.. Part III "Coming Soon"

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Me and the guys have had these crazy idea's of something we call "The Legendary Walk".. In short,The Legendary Walk is a long walking trip, we walk for hours trying to reach a certain faraway place.. Ofcourse there are no rules for these journeys, we just gather in one place and try to reach another.. If a person feels like leaving the group, then he/she would just simply take a taxi and leave..
Now that I have explained what the "Legendary Walk" is.. Now to tell you people about the first 2 parts..

First Part:

We were in the love road (Share3 el 7ob), we had no ride, we thought we'd just start walking until we figure out another way to reach home.. We were 2 guys, me and my friend, and we were holding guitars (which are considered heavy btw)..
So we walked and next thing we know, we're in Al-Khuwair..

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Second Part:

We had planned for this one.. 5 guys, not carrying anything but our phones, Ipods, and wallets..We decided to walk from Khuwair (my house) all the way to Qurum (through Share3 Al-Fa79 which took us around 2 hours alone), and after a nice dinner at Hardees, we walked from there to the love road, had a short break, when one of the guys couldn't continue, and had to leave..

We walked from the love road to Sarooj, and from sarooj to Khuwair..
The journey was a success, we reached there in one piece.. Leaving at 6pm and reaching the same spot at 12am..


Nice journeys eh? Are you wondering what the last one will be?
We decided to walk from City Center all the way to Khuwair.. I'll call it hard, but not impossible.. So far we got around 7 guys are in this thing.. And still we have more to convince..

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My next post in this blog will be talking about the success of this journey.. Inshalla..

Don't you sometimes feel like doing stupid things ?

Wish us luck..!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Tagged By SimSim

What will happen to your e-mail when you die?

I'll delete all the e-mails before I die, I've got some real secret stuff in there that go WAAYYY back, since 2005.. So I wouldn't want anybody reading them.. XD

Did you try once to give the password to someone? If yes, what kind of relation that you have with this person to trust him/her and give him/her the key of your secrets?

Well yes many of my close friends have my password (they can't hurt a fly), and they never use it unless I ask them to.. Or if maybe they wanted to change my nickname into "I am gay" or so to have a good laugh "Rolls Eyes"

Your famous nickname among your Friends?

Solidus between my close friends.. Slash between the weirdo's in college..

Your age?


Your horoscope?

Gemini/Taurus.. I'll tell you why, sometimes when I search for my horoscope, I find taurus covering 21/May, and some other times I find Gemini covering it.. So according to some people, if this is the case, then I'm a bit of both..

Your qualifications?

Qualified Accountant, first in the business department XD Got a job for me? It better have hot chicks working in a nice office.. (lol)

Your character "personality"?

I like to joke with everyone, people I know, and people I don't.. I end up offending some of them at some times, but I'm ready to take responsibility.. Other than that, I like to complain about the shit that's happening in my life..

What travel means to you?

Seeing different girls with different boob sizes, it's an experience..

Your time out of peak

Wasted on online gaming I suppose..

What do you purchase?

Electronics, guitar strings and picks mostly.. XD

Features taken from your dad

My height, my sarcasism.. :rolleyes:

Features taken from your mom

My nose, my girlish fingers :( lol

The most 6 things you hate

-Back Stabbers
-Wankers (lol)
-Flat chested girls (Double lol)
-When something expensive breaks down and I can't fix it :(
-Seeing my room dirty
-People who don't work, and get everything they want ready on a plate of gold..

The most 6 things you love

-Anything related to guitars..
-Cruising around and waving to chicks
-Going outside in the middle of the night when it is really quite.
-Chatting to someone fun
-Girls with big boobs :(
-My laptop

What job means to you

Making money and buying stuff you've always wanted, which is a great thing btw.. lol

What computer and internet mean to you

In my life, "almost" everything..

You would like to pass this tag to:-

Blind Melon
Red Dragon

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Portal To Another Dimenstion.. Through a Bouncer..

I haven't been able to post anything in my blog, I've been too busy in.. Umm.. Doing what I do..

The holiday started, my routine is very simple, I wake up late, have late lunch all alone, I waste time here and there, then I go out to hang out with the guys.. Either the bowling center, or maybe Mq for a nice sheesha..

Just a few days back, I decided to enter a disco with some people I know.. Luckily, the bouncers there thought we were over 21, and easily, we went in..
As soon as I entered that place, I was in serious shock, OH MY GOD! That place is SO different than our world, it's like another realm in there, another dimension.. I was shocked to see guys bumping into girls and continuing their lives as if nothing happened *Rolls Eyes*, I thought to myself "is this Oman?" "Where did all these people come from?" "Where do they hang out when they aren't here?"
And my god the hot chicks there, don't get me started!! Cleavage is everywhere, including the ceiling.. lol

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Anyhow, the band there was really cool, they sang some alternative and stuff around that.. But what caught my attention is Zombie by The Cranberries.. They were great.. Ofcourse I ended up drinking red bull, but it's okay as long as I had the experience of going to such a place..

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I took these few shots that might give you an idea about what I'm talking about here..!

Come to think about it, I should've went there on the new year's party, but no, instead, I stayed at home on that night baby sitting my little brother, how sad is that? Anyhow, hope everyone enjoyed the parties, and I hope that atleast half of my sad fellows lost their virginity on that night..

Other than that, one of my friends reminded me of an old cartoon that I used to love, "He-man And The Masters Of The Universe".. It's amazing how we remembered that dude, all of the sudden I got all these flash backs and started remembering the theme and characters of that cartoon.. After than I found the intro on YouTube.. I miss the old days :-P

"Adam (Prince Of Eternia): Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day I held aloft my magin sword and said: BY THE POWER OF GRAYSCULLLL, I HAVVEE THE POWWEEERRRR!"

I was always known as the Metallica freak, but nowadays, I started to change, something is bringing me closer to Megadeth, damn their music is SO good, even though the vocalist sucks, but the solo's are incredible..

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That'll be all for now, good luck to all in the exams..

Sunday, November 26, 2006

College Days Rule..!

Back in high school, I always used to love to watch these college story movies, why you ask? It's because I look at the students in amazement, waiting for college days to come so that I could have the fun that they are having..

Now, I have reached college.. And oh my god..! You know what that means? The people in college are nothing like the movies :P People here talk about how much dates cost in their neighborhood.. I know I've been talking about this subject since god knows when, but today, it has reached my limit, I can't take this anymore, I can't take these people, my social life in college is crap, I don't fit anywhere in any group.. And don't tell me that I'll blend in soon, because I'd rather die that to blend with these people..

Yesterday, some guys made fun of me because I didn't know what the difference between "Al-Maha" and "A gazelle" is.. Holy shit, is that even a subject that normal people talk about? People over there think that the word "Drill" is ultimatly cool..! Freakin hell!
Thank god this college has an internet connection, even if it's damn slow!

Here an example of what my college looks like:

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Look at the difference between the two pictures.. They were both taken in my college..

Now look at this..

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Isn't it just freakin amazing?

A photo for the college from above:

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This is the last time I blog about the college, I'll just take the crap I put myself into..

A small advice from me to all high school students in Oman.. RUN!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The South-Park Me..

LOL! This guy really looks like me.. The "haven't slept in days" eyes, the hair..!

Even me drewling over girls.. LoL About the guitar, I found it and got excited :-P

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Here's the link if you wanna do your own..


Monday, October 23, 2006

Focus & you'll know what I mean..

Guess what people..! I bought a car..!!!!! lol I know it might not be big news for some of you, but it is to me.. I found out that if a person has patience, he would get what he wants at the end..

Check it out.. A Ford Focus 2001.. It's in great condition, some British people who were leaving the country wanted to get rid of it.. And I think that they were doing burnouts with the car.. :P
So far, just 10 minutes ago, I jumped off a bump in that dark road connecting between Khuwair and Qurum.. :S That's the only damage I did since buying it.. (Before yesterday)

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I'm going to stick the word Metallica on the front of the car very soon..

So, who wants a ride? :P

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Double Tag?

Well, I haven't been to the internet world for a while, and it seems that people started tagging each other all around, so I got tagged by Red Dragon twice, and I just understood what I'm supposed to do.. :P

Background image..

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Don't mind the chick, look at the icons, aren't they beautiful?

I better not tag anyone on the first date..

Second tag by Red Dragon aswell..

I am thinking about...

When my next class will start.

I said...

School life sucks..

I want to...

Get laid..

I wish...

I got laid..

I miss...

My Jordanian Friends..

I hear...

People turning papers in the library while I'm updating my blog..

I wonder...

If I'll ever get laid..

I regret...


I am...

Not gay..

I dance...

To death metal music.. lol

I sing...

Metallica songs..

I cry...

When somebody I like dies..

I am not always...


I write...

Because I have nothing better to do..

I confuse...

My family :D

I need...

More porn..

I should try...

Getting attacked by a shark..

I finish...

My only class today dying to get home..

Next time, I'll tag some of you people..

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